I live in Cary with my wife Susan. We have four grown daughters and nine wonderful—excuse the grandfather’s pride—grandchildren.

We moved to Wake County 24 years ago to run the medical device, manufacturing operation of a company headquartered in Research Triangle Park. Prior to moving here, our family lived in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, California, Puerto Rico and Illinois. We loved every place we lived, but decided—when we moved to Wake County—this was home.

In 1996, my wife and I ventured out and started our own company: WestStar Precision. Today, WestStar manufactures products for aerospace and medical customers across the globe.

As a small business owner, I know how important it is to create good high tech jobs and serve customers. I know what it takes to invest in personnel, their equipment, and development so we can compete—and win—in a global economy.

In 2013, we closed our Costa Rica plant and doubled the size of our manufacturing plant right here in Apex. With this move, we doubled our investment in Wake County and never once asked our town, county, or state for any incentives to do so.

I was raised with the belief that if a business is successful, we should be proud to pay our fair share to support our community. We are proud that we are creating jobs for Wake County citizens.

Check back and stay in touch. Over this campaign I will add new topics and my positions to help you better understand what I would do on the board.

Together we can build the community we can all be proud to call home.


Service is not new to Erv.

  • Cary Planning and Zoning, member
  • Cary Town Center Review Commission, chair
  • Wake Healthy Schools Task Force, member
  • Cary Town Council, member
  • Wake County Board of Commissioners, member
  • Teen Youth Ministry, volunteer

Erv’s record: Then and now.

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Drinking Water

Water isn’t a measure of the quality of life, it is life. In prior public service, Erv has been a champion for our drinking water supply. He’ll continue to be one in the future.

Our economic future is dependent on protecting our natural resources. Erv will fight for strict enforcement of existing regulations with no loopholes for projects that threaten the quality of our water supply.

Wake is a big county with over a million residents, consisting of twelve cities and towns and lots of beautiful land. Our job is to keep it beautiful, but to do that I need your help.

Help us win this election so Erv can work hard to serve you. Please consider a contribution to help pay for this campaign. It’s costly to reach so many people, but no good effort is ever easy.

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