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Pictured above: Erv, his wife Susan, and their daughters Tricia, Ellen, Liz, and Carrie.


Erv has worked hard to to keep Wake one of the best places to live. As a result, he is endorsed & supported by:

Promises & Results

In 2014, Wake Voters elected a new County board. In 2016, I was elected to join that team. Together, we have accomplished much in our effort to make Wake county one of the best places to live in the nation.

The Promise: Better funding for schools.

The Result: A 32% increase ($103 million) in annual support for our public schools. That’s a jump from $327 million in 2014 to $430 million in 2018—26% more funding per student.

The Promise: New jobs.

The Result: Great, new employers opening up right here in Wake County. Each year we are cited by experts nationwide as one of the best places to live in the United States. By every measure, we have much to be thankful for.

The Promise: Better planning for growth.

The Result: A rolling 7-year construction plan for $2.1 billion in new and renovated schools. Annual, local funding in construction is up 50% from 2014. Never before has our community done more for our school system.

The Promise: A new transit plan.

The Result: A countywide vote to make it a reality, the implementation of expanded bus service, and the development of bus rapid transit.

The Promise: Preserve Wake’s natural beauty.

The Result: A long-range plan for our parks and greenways. Also, funding for several new parks and critical greenway connections to allow citizens active recreation and a natural way to stay healthy and enjoy the outdoors.

The Promise: Focus on citizens most in need.

The Result: Completion of the county’s affordable housing plan and a real commitment to support more affordable housing options moving forward.

The Promise: Better teacher pay.

The Result: Our teachers deserve our respect for the work they do, and the best way to show them that is with recognition and improved compensation. At the county board we cannot move the state pay scale, but we can and have increased our county pay supplement up 44% in the last four years—now more than any other county in North Carolina. This has brought Wake teachers up to near the national average. Wake County pay supplement is added to the state pay for teachers. Our supplement has increased teacher pay in Wake the to the highest in the state. More to do here, but we’re off to a great start. Were are not finished yet. 

As one of seven commissioners I understand the stewardship responsibility you have placed in me. I promise, I will always do my homework, review all the facts and details, question every proposal, and be sure all options are considered before we spend your money. I will be responsive to your needs and listen to all. In the end, I will only support those requests that will leave a legacy we can all be proud of. 

That’s the job, leave it better than we found it.

I hope you agree we have been good stewards, and I hope to retain you support to continue to serve all of Wake county as one of your county commissioners.

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