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The INDY Endorses Erv


Wake County Board of Commissioners, District 4

Erv Portman
erv-front-porchKenn Gardner and Erv Portman have both served on the county commission. Only Portman deserves a return trip.

Portman’s short stint on the commission—a year lasting from 2011–12, when he left to run for state Senate—came at a time when it was controlled by Republicans. Portman fought for public transportation improvements, and since leaving the commission, he’s spoken out for better funding for schools.

Gardner, an architect by trade, served eight years on the board and stresses bipartisanship, something he believes is lacking on the unanimously Democratic board. But Gardner opposes the transit referendum and also supported the legislature’s gerrymander of county commission districts, which was ruled unconstitutional by a federal court.

We don’t love the idea of unanimous Democratic control, either. But on the merits, Portman is the best choice.