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May 8: The Democratic Primary Election

In just a few years, this board of commissioners has done more for public education than has ever been done in our county. In the video below, teachers and school staff put the issues of the campaign into clear focus and provide the context voters need. Please, take two minutes to hear from some of our dedicated teachers who understand the big picture and appreciate all that Wake County taxpayers are doing to better fund our schools.

Our community has never been more generous in its support for teacher and students.

Voters on May 8 don’t elect anyone. We just pick the strongest team to compete in the fall—when all voters decide who will lead our county. Democrats just won control of the commission, after years of Republican control, in 2014

I hope we can retain that leadership position to build on the accomplishment made in the last few years.

Watch the video and see what these educators think this election is all about.