Erv’s record: Then and now.

Protecting our air and water.

There are few stewardship responsibilities greater than protecting the air we breathe and the water we drink—Erv’s record shows he’s championed for both. Erv fought for reasonable stream buffers to keep our streams and lakes clean. When push came to shove, Erv fought development that encroached on the quality of our water.

Erv also pushed the board to respect Lake Jordan protections—even when the state did not. Erv has been a champion for our drinking water supply and will continue to be one in the future. Erv will fight for strict enforcement of existing regulations with no loopholes for projects that threaten the quality of our water supply.

Better. Not just bigger.

Erv reviewed each new proposal with one question in mind: Will this change make our community better? He supported less intense development that protected more open space and resulted in less traffic. There’s a few things we all love about calling Wake County home: The lush trees, the rolling hills, and blue skies.

Together, by being smart, we can be sure we grow better not just bigger.

Supporting parks, greenways, and open space is our way to leave a legacy for the next generation to enjoy.

Responsible school planning. Excellence for our kids and grandchildren.

North Carolina lags the nation in way too many ways when it comes to schools and public education, we may not be able to change the state, but we can change this in Wake.

  • Get teacher pay competitive so we can keep and attract the best, and reward them for what they do.
  • Plan new schools and take care of the older ones before they are overcrowded. Trailers don’t save us money, they just show we can’t plan well! We can and must do better.

Erv will work hard to be sure we do a better job planning for our growth and the demands on public education—building schools sooner rather than later. These decisions affect the quality of life for our students and their families. We can do even better in the future by rejecting the practice of doing nothing until we face a crisis and then pass a huge bond to play catch up.

Erv supports a 6-year construction plan that ensures we meet our needs in advance—and stop playing catch up.

Part of this plan includes a stable, sustainable tax rate that will support this orderly growth. We shouldn’t have to raise taxes every time we approve a building plan.

Self-imposed limits on debt.

Erv helped to set limits on debt that Cary could take on by establishing a self imposed limit to debt. This helped Cary prioritize competing interests and kept debt payment for the town affordable. This move was welcomed by rating agencies and has helped Cary maintain AAA bond ratings.

Staying efficient and adopting best practices in providing service.

Erv supported the Aquastar deployment which allowed all Cary water meters to be reported automatically. Not only did this save the water utility money, but it helps us find water leaks and reduce waste. With Erv’s experience in high-tech fields, he’ll push the county to new efficiency and stay on the look out to provide the best possible service to our citizens. We can always do better!

Photo credits: “Better” photo by James Willamor. “Responsible school” photo by Lucélia Ribeiro. “Protecting our air” photo by Russell Harrison. “Staying efficient” photo by U.S. Department of Agriculture.