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Thank You for your support in this election




November 8, 2016

5:47 pm

Cary, North Carolina

The ads have been run, the issues discussed. As this race draws to a close this evening, I want to say that running for public office is an honor and a privilege.

I want to thank Mr. Kenn Gardner,  for also running a professional campaign .


Once again those of us in local office can show that politics need not be nasty nor disrespectful. On the contrary it should help to inform the public on the issues, and the public can inform the candidates of the solutions.  In doing this we all learn and see more clearly what needs to be done.


I look forward to learning the decision made by the voters of Wake County this evening. I appreciate the support I have received from so many in our community. We have a great place here in Wake County and I know we all share the desire to take care of it, and be sure we grow better not just more crowded.



Erv Portman